Although I am not a licensed Contractor, I can do minor construction, install and build custom bookcases, vanities, fireplace mantels, decks, sheds and more.


Raking leaves, piling wood, mowing grass, trimming hedges, creating pathways, and much more


A leaky faucet or old toilet can waste a lot of time and energy for any residence.

Leaks & Clogs

It’s a dirty job, but I’m always ready to do it.

From toilets to faucet fixtures, I can install the right stuff for your bathroom or kitchen.


Want that new curtain or picture frame installed?

I’m your handyman!



Small electrical projects like installing ceiling fans or light dimmers are no problem for me.



Got a chandelier or ceiling fan you need installed?


Switches & Dimmers

The right dimmer can not only set the mood, but save you money.


Time to upgrade that bathroom? basement? living room? bedroom?

New floor install.

New window install.

New door install.

Sink replacement.

Toilet replacement.

I can do it all!